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Search Tips:
Using the Search facility.

The Newari Lexicon Search engine can find a word, or part of a word, and will display the context of each instance it finds. The page displays various choices for the way in which you will input your query and view the results of the query.

Font used in search

Under "font used in search term", click on the "browser default" if you will use your regular browser font with diacritic marks, as in the table below. These are relatively easy to master. If you are consulting the dictionary on terms found in a Devanagari or Roman transcription source and you have to type in the search terms, you will likely find this the easiest. You will find it useful to consult the table just under the search window.

If you want to use the Classical Sanskrit font as your entry font, click on the "Classical Sanskrit" button.

It may be convenient to use the CS font if you are cutting and pasting from classical sanskrit documents in this font elsewhere on the web, or if you wish to find the instances of a word found in one of the Newari phrases in the present Dictionary, and you are using this font.

For example, if we search for the word "vica-ra", we get a single instance, in A6_2953; if we go to this block, we find the phrase, "vica-ra ya-n^a-" (in the default font: in the CS font we will get the diacritics we are familiar with). If we decide we wish to see more instances of the word "ya-n^a-", we can copy the word from the display, return to the search entry screen, reset the form, and, making sure the entry is set to either default browser or classical sanskrit depending on how we were viewing the screen we copied from, we can paste the word into the search window, and perform the new search (in the case of "ya-n^a-" we will get 50 instances.) You should note that the search entry window will not correctly display the CS characters; however, if they have been correctly pasted, the search will be carried out correctly, which you will see if you try it.

Match search term with
Under this setting choose whether to search for a complete word, the beginning of a word, the end of a word or any part of a word. The latter will give the widest results. The engine will not search across spaces encountered; thus you cannot search on compund terms or verb or noun phrases.
Lexicon Search